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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 17 - Josh Wheeler of Legacy

Josh Wheeler of Legacy joins the Pipecast again, this time for a special pre-release sneak preview of their new release, Reliant. Josh introduces and talks about four songs from the album: Give Me Your Eyes, Slow Fade, Lord I'll Fly and In The Light. Some big changes have happened with Legacy, mainly the fact that they are now a fulltime ministry. Listen in for a rare chance to hear some of the album before it drops.

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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 16 - Terry Cheatham of AVB Episode 16 of the Pitch Pipecast welcomes original AVB 1st tenor, Terry Cheatham. Wes McKinzie joins host Gary Moyers as the three discuss the original days of the Acappella Vocal Band.

Terry shares his favorite AVB songs from his tenure with the group. He talks about his first days as an AVB'er and his first 24 hours, which included the recording of one of his trademark songs.
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 15 - Bret Testerman of AVB Special guest Bret Testerman joins Gary Moyers and Wes McKinzie for episode 15 of the Pipecast. Bret was the lead singer of AVB from 1987 till 1990. He sang lead on AVB's best selling album, Song in My Soul. Bret is now the worship minister at Metro Church in Orlando, Florida.
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 14 - Keith Lancaster of The Acappella Company Episode 14 is a sneak preview of Acappella's new album, Find Your Way. Keith Lancaster joins us and gives the "behind the scenes" story of the album. Five songs are highlighted as Keith tells the background and reasoning behind the song... and then you get to hear it!

It's a chance to hear a part of the album before it releases. It's a sneak-peak treat you'll find only on the Pitch Pipecast.
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 13 - Jay Smith of AVB Original AVB member Jay Smith is our guest on this episode of the Pipecast. Jay joined the Acappella Vocal Band at its inception in 1986 and was responsible for the birth of vocal percussion in the group. Though small in stature, he still holds a large place in the history of the group and the memories of his fans and friends.

Wes McKinzie co-hosts this episode with Gary Moyers. Jay now runs his own business which can be located at
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 12 - Keith Lancaster The Pitch Pipecast returns with Gary Moyers and co-host Wes McKinzie. Special guest for episode 12 is Keith Lancaster. Keith is the founder of Acappella Ministries and The Acappella Company, former lead singer for Acappella and producer extraordinaire. He is currently heading up the new worship ministry called Praise & Harmony.

Keith joins Gary and Wes to discuss Acafest 2009. They cover the history of the seminar turned festival, the future, the plans for this year and specifically the AVB Reunion Concert.

More information about Keith can be found at his web site,
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 11 - Marcus Barnum Welcome to Season 2 of the Pitch Pipecast! To kick things off, we have Marcus "Bizzy B" Barnum of the Houston-based The Soul Influence. TSI have been singing for almost a decade. Not only do they have a great sound, they truly have a heart for ministry. Their new album, "You Gotta Believe", was produced by Essej, the lead singer of the group Straight Company. The album won't be released until late April... which means, once again, you hear it here first!

You can find out more about The Soul Influence by visiting their website,

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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 10 - Eric Gwin This week the Pipecast highlights Eric Gwin, solo a cappella artist. Yes, you read that correctly... solo a cappella artist. Eric comes from a background of group a cappella work and runs his own studio called "The Cage." But if you catch him live in concert, you catch HIM live in concert (plus him on tracks). What's it like doing acappella solo in a group-oriented world? Well, you can go ask Bobby McFerrin or listen to this podcast. Your choice.

You can find out more about Eric and his ministry at his website or his personal blog.
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 9 - Chris Lindsey of Watershed Episode 9 features an interview with Chris Lindsey of Watershed Worship. Chris and crew have recently returned from a tour of South Africa. He shares their experience and some of the music that inspired them on their trip. You also get to hear music from their new album "I Know You Love Me." Also, you get the inside scoop on their recent American Idol redeaux (is that a word?) with Mandisa.

You can learn more about Chris at his blog site and more about Watershed at their website,
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Pitch Pipecast: Episode 8 - Josh Wheeler of Legacy Special guest on this Pipecast is Josh Wheeler of Legacy. We spend some time talking with Josh and get a preview of their new self-titled release (less than a week old).

Legacy first started in 2003 as a college-based group at Lubbock Christian University. They disbanded after a couple of years and went their separate ways. Nick Gaultney, formerly of the Vocal Union, was a member of the original Legacy.

After several years apart, the group came back together again stronger than before. Legacy is currently Josh Wheeler, John Paul Sheppard, Jake Lierman and Clint Dickerson.
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